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Mrs. Lee's House

Got Insurance Funding
Replaced Roof
Repaired Rot
Fixed Siding
Custom Paint
Gutter Replacement
Gutter Guards
Floor Replacement


Completed in < 6 Weeks

File_000 (6).png

Full Exterior Remodel

Mrs. Lee's home needed some much need TLC & lots of elbow grease. It only took about us about 6 weeks to get insurance to approve the work and get the job completed. 

File_000 (7).png

Custom Accents

The homeowner wanted to bring in some much needed warmth into the color palette so we suggested natural a high traffic exterior carpet for the balcony.


Waterproofing & Flashing

Because of the type of construction used originally we had to repair a lot of rot and correctly waterproof the roof.


Ridge Vent Installed at No Extra Cost

Ridge vent is a necessary for homes to heat and cool properly, which is why all of our roofs come with ridge vent!


Full Roof Replacement

At first insurance was trying to say it only needed area repairs, but after our detailed report and submitted our storm data analysis we were able to show insurance cause for full replacement of the roof plus extras around the house.


Timeless Color Pallette

We walked through step by step to create a beautiful home that will shine bright for years to come. 

Satisfaction Guarantee

It's our pleasure to provide clients with the highest level of service to get them the money they deserve from their homeowners insurance without directly affecting their rates!

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